Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School

Research Papers- Using Office 365 at BUMS

Throughout the month of December, Ms. Board’s 8th grade Team G English classes have been working on research papers. The students were permitted to choose their own research topic; the topics varied everywhere from Bonnie and Clyde, The Women’s Professional Baseball League During WWII, and The Northern Lights, to The Salem Witch Trials, Lebron James, and Johnny Cash. Students had to fill 20 note cards worth of information about their topic in order to write four pages for the research paper. Students are also working on a visual aid to present their research when they return in January.
Ms. Board’s students are the first to use their Office 365 accounts and are using it to write their research papers. Office 365 allows students to save their typed documents without having to use a jump drive which helps to avoid other students tampering with their papers. Once the students share their documents, Office 365 gives Ms. Board the opportunity to edit the students’ documents as they are typing. This is a great tool that Ms. Board looks forward to using it in her classroom.