Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School

Clubs at B-U MS

Clubs that are held during the daily CARE period are different each year.  Teachers decide what club they would like to sponsor.  Then, the students select their top 5 choices from the list of clubs offered.  They do the selection in their advisory classes at the beginning of the year.  The counselors set up the clubs using a process where 8th grade has first choice, then 7th, then 6th. The counselors try to assign clubs so that each student gets to be in a club that was one of his/her top 5 choices.  Clubs meet every Friday after 6th period class during the CARE period. 

BUMS Clubs 2016-2017

Air Rifles (Mrs. J. Bennett & Mr. Warner)

Christian Video Club (Mr. Bennett & Mr. Maxwell)

Those Were the Days (wholesome sitcoms – Mrs. Benson)

Aces Card Club (Mrs. C. Blend)

Drama Club (Miss Board & Mrs. Radabaugh)

Books and Games Club (Miss Brecke)

Advanced Drawing Club (Mrs. Butler)

Advance Robotics Competition Club (Miss Chapman)

Games Club (Miss Crites)

Coloring and Movies Club (Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Lilly)

Woodworking Club (Mr. Ford)

Retro Video Club (Mr. Foster)

Greeting Card Club (Mrs. Garrison)

Movie Club (Mrs. Hatfield & Mrs. Plymale)

Junior National Honor Society Club (Mrs. Hevener & Mrs. Koury)

Advanced Drawing Club (Mrs. Hicks)

Ted Talks Club (Mr. Hochgesang)

Yoga Club (Mrs. Hollen)

Dance Club (Mr. Hunte)

Coloring Club (Mrs. Hymes)

Games Club (Mrs.Hyre)

WV History Bowl Competition Club (Mrs. Kelley & Mr. Allman)

Puzzles & Games Club (Mrs. Kesling)

Homework Club (Mrs. Lane)

Basic Robotics Club (Mrs. Marteney & Mr. Lynch)

Reading for Fun (Mrs. McCann)

Rachel’s Challenge Club (Mrs. McCauley & Mrs. S. Walton)

Rubics Cube Club (Miss McDaniels & Mr. Tenney)

Rachel’s Challenge Dream Big Club (Mrs. McQueen)

Citizenship & Patriotism Club (Mrs. McVaney)

Board Games Club (Miss Meadows)

Classical Coloring Club (Mrs. Morgan)

Bucket List (Service Projects) Club (Mrs. Orr)

Book Sharing Club (Mrs. Post)

Coloring Club (Mrs. Rittenhouse)

Ping Pong Club (Mr. Rock & Mr. Burnside)

I Love Pink Club (Mrs. Shenuski)

Spirit Club (Mrs. Shepherd)

Cards & Games Club (Mrs. Smith)

Kindle Klub (Mrs. Spratt & Mr. Flickenger)

Recycling Club (Miss Sterck)

Stick Your Nose in a Book Club (Mrs. Stoeckle)

Rachel’s Challenge Chain Gang Club (Mr. Stout, Mrs. Howard & Mr. Humphries)

Yearbook Club (Yearbook Staff) (Mrs. Tomblyn)

Agriculture Club (Mrs. B. Walton)

Watercolor Painting Club (Mr. Ware)

WVU Fan Club (Mr. Webb)

Puzzles Club (Mrs. B. Williams)

Movies Club (Mrs. Wykoff)